At Intergraphia we observe the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation wich entered into force on 25 May 2018.

All the information that we receive from our clients is protected och treated as confidential. This includes e-mails, quotes, invoices, translation memories (TM), contact information and all other communication with the client. The information is only used for the purpose of delivering the translations that our client has ordered as well as producing quotes and invoices. Our translators and project managers have either signed an agreement of confidentiality or committed themselves to respecting SFÖ’s code of professional ethics. This means that the material is not distributed to a third party. After each completed translation, the translated texts are saved in a specific translation memory. The translation memory and the translations are filed and stored in a safe way and will only be used again if the client places a new order.

Emails sent from and to Intergraphia are protected from unauthorised interference and the emails are regularly and continuously deleted as they are no longer needed.



Cookies may be used on Intergraphia’s website so that various functions of the website will work.  Intergraphia does not gather personal information via cookies on the website.


Kakor (cookies)

Intergraphias webbplats kan använda kakor för att olika funktioner på webbplatsen ska fungera. Intergraphia samlar inte in personlig information via kakor på webbplatsen.


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