Specialized Translators


If you are a translator or a prospective customer, you will find more information about our specializations at this web page. You will also be able to download our glossaries and presentations.


Chemical Translators


We offer translation of most chemical documents in accordance with the terminology recommended by the Swedish Chemicals Agency and EU.


English-Swedish Glossary – Chemistry (pdf)

Danish-Swedish Glossary – Chemistry

Guide for Translators – the Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry (pdf)


Focus on the Environment


Intergraphia works actively together with certified Swedish environmental consultants. By means of this collaboration we offer not only translation, but are also able to adjust important documents in accordance with Swedish environmental legislation. Thus, we can assist you with the translation of safety data sheets, environmental reports etc., tailored to Swedish requirements.


Translation of Websites


Are you considering translating your website into other languages? At a favourable price, we create a bilingual table text with the source and target language. In this way, you can easily enter the new text onto your website.


Building Material and Building Technology


We have long experience in the construction industry – contact us if you are interested in this type of translation. A sample of our Danish-Swedish glossary can be found at http://oversættelse-svensk.dk/ordliste-bygningsteknik/.




We are also gathering competent translators in the fields of industrial automation and logistics. Our translators have previous knowledge of, e.g. programming and mechanical engineering. Welcome to contact us for translation of texts related to automation.


Presentations and Guides


Language Editing – Checklist for Translators and Writers (Slideshare)

Guide to Buying Translation Services (Slideshare)

Intergraphia’s Translation Services – a Summary (Slideshare)


Danish and Swedish Glossaries – Specialized Terms


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